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We moved into a new home a year and a half ago and our vacuum cleaner went on the fritz. We searched and searched, and finally we were in Linen & Things when we saw the Dyson shown here. The sales lady had all kinds of good things to say about it. It was the only vacuum cleaner she could recommend, and they carried several other so-called fine brands. But the Dyson had no bag to empty. It has a canister with a trap door. It has wonderful maneuverability–it goes around corners like no other vacuum and picks up everything and is very light and easy to use.

Another customer was standing there, I presumed waiting to ask the saleslady something. When she finished, this lady approached us, saying she had a Dyson and was completely sold on it–would have none other. She went on for five minutes, telling us not to buy this one or that one, only a Dyson…and we did and we love it. The Dyson is more powerful and picks up more things other units can’t touch. It costs between $400 and $500 and seems to be worth every penny of it. We had our last vacuum cleaner 20 years and are told this one will outlast that.


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