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Couldn’t figure out why I was not seeing any blogger comments. Then I looked at my settings and found I was the culprit. I had said that bloggers needed to log in, giving their email addresses first. That’s nonsense!!! I have freed up the blog–after all it is for bloggers and I should do anything I can to allow comments, whether they’re favorable or whatever.

Now we can have zillions of user comments, you don’t have to register–openID only. Hurrah

Anyone can comment. I don’t care if your six years old…or 120 and can’t hardly see to type. Don’t worry about the typing errors…

I’ve taken off the restraints. If you’re stinking mad about something we want to hear it…This is the place to get it off your mind and into the minds of others so they can help you resolve the issues.
Happy blogging, Don White


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