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>In every era there have been cars of special artistic and historic significance built to illustrate new ideas in styling, engineering or performance, or to satisfy a famous celebrity’s individual taste. Many cars are one-of-a-kind “rolling sculptures” conceived by the world’s leading designers and crafted by the most respected coachbuilding artisans. The exhibition presents over 90 of these great cars as individual works of art.

Being invited to Blackhawk Museum’s automotive exhibition of International Automotive Treasures™ is a singular experience of a lifetime. But, unfortunately, to the rich and the famous, those who can afford to purchase these cars, it is but one of many extravaganzas in their prodique lives. The views of cars are stunning and magnificent to even the experienced among those lucky and rich enough to be invited.

The museum presents and displays historically significant and artistically inspired automobiles from the very earliest to the contemporary for public enjoyment and educational enrichment. That’s what they say. Much of the above is exactly right. But the reason for the museum transcends education and enjoyment. It is embodied in a six-letter word, profit. The more they can show these kinds of cars, some relics of the past, the faster the heart beats for one of them.


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