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>Washington–Barak Obama rebuked back today, telling John McCain he would take no criticism from the Republican on fighting terrorism. That’s Obama’s style, a rebuked kid talking back to his elders is how he is portrayed.

He should be and will be rebuked regarding national security matters. He knows next to nothing about what’s going on in Iraq and hasn’t been there for more than two years. He still thinks the insurgents are winning. Wait until he sees what’s taking place in Afghanistan this week as the Talaban lines up in mass against the U.S. He probably still thinks the soldiers are inferior to the enemy, too. What a sorry candidate for president.

He isn’t even the quality of Mike Dukakis and you recall what happened to him in the Bush-Dukkakis vote. Mike was just as naive and unreliable with international security matters, but he was also weak with the economy. Obama is weaker in both instances.


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