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Is the bad weather intensifying?

Orlando,FL June 22, 2008–It doesn’t take a genius to figure it out. Weather patterns are at their most severe the past 100 years, and you can count on the Al Goreites to blame “Global Warming.”

The actual truth is that this earth is in a cooling cycle, has been the past couple of years. Greenhouse gasses have nothing to do with anything.

Read the following headlines around the world this Sunday morning.

1. Floodwaters from the Mississippi River surround mailboxes and a house on

Saturday, June 21, 2008 in Foley, Mo. At Foley, more than half of the homes in the town of 200 residents were under water. (AP Photo/M. Spencer Green)AP – Amid the battle to hold back the swollen Mississippi River, some towns in northeastern Missouri and Illinois got an unwelcome surprise Saturday as river levels rose higher than projected.

2. Calif. firefighters wrestle with hundreds of blazes<a (AP)href=””>

<a href="(AP)“>(AP)

3. 700 missing after Philippines typhoon sinks ferry (AP)

4. The U.S. National Weather Bureau said Dr. Gray has predicted 16 hurricanes, nine of a severe nature, this year. That may or may not be significant. He did the same the last couple of years, but in Florida at least those predictions did not pan out. Just the same, people should be on guard and be ready with their 72-hour survival kits and extra food storage in case the worst occurs.


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