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June 23, 2008–Newsmax has a story out this morning about how Obama plans to change the U.S. Presidential Seal.

Sen. Barack Obama has promised “change,” and his campaign has already been hard at work changing one of the basic symbols of the nation – the Presidential Seal.

On Friday, the press was abuzz over the new seal, which was unveiled on Obama’s podium when he spoke to a group of Democratic governors.

While the Obama seal does include the American bald eagle clutching arrows and an olive branch, the resemblance ends there.

The Latin phrase “E Pluribus Unum,” which translates to “Out of many, one,” now says “Vero Possumus.” Press reports translate the Latin words as “Truly, we are able” – a rough translation of the Obama campaign slogan, “Yes we can.”

To read the entire story, click below:
“This is too serious a contest about too serious of issues for a candidate to be playing make-believe on the trail,” Brian Rogers, a spokesman for presumptive Republican nominee Sen. John McCain, told The Los Angeles Time


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