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>Schools are heralding the advent of what they call “21st Century Classrooms.” Orlando’s science middle school will have classrooms with SMART Board interactive whiteboard systems to serve the students better with the help of technology. What are they?

Students can do a lot of things interactively with Smart Boards. These Numonics Digital boards and Quarte’s IdeaShare Interactive Markerboard. are for connecting to the PC given each student in the special school. The teacher can digitally projector the material she has developed for use any program on your computer while standing at the board. Students will be able to see the material up close, work with concepts, work problems and use such accessories as portable tablets, board stands and extra interactive cordless pens. How much of this high-tech stuff will greet the students on the first day is up to the various school districts’ budgets.

Here is a description of one of the boards, for example. The Numonics Digital Presentation Markerboard above connects to the teacher’s PC and projector and helps her conduct interactive, engaging lessons. She can use images from her PC and access computer applications directly from the whiteboard. The teacher simply touches the electronic multimedia pen to the board surface and draws or takes notes to save later. Presumably in some cases, students will have a small version of the board and/or a laptop on his or her desk on which they can save presentation data. Teachers can tap the icons to use the pre-loaded presentation tools. The durable hard Formica surface has a matte finish that prevents hot spots. This interactive markerboard is incredibly simple to set up and is compatible with Mac and Windows operating systems. It includes a cordless electromagnetic pen. The board above is 63.3″ x 45.6″ and sells for about $1,400.

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