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Some of the most sophisticated and smart people are turning to a product that is anything but new in watches called Movado. They have every function imaginable look like a much more expensive watch. Even the minimalist design that dominates their line is attracting attention, but that’s not the only model they make. Quite a few have normally calibrated dials, some dressy, some sporty.

From what I can tell, Movado has been in business continually since the 19th century, having only changed hands once when Gerry Grinberg acquired the company and formed the Movado Group.

According to my research, Movado has over 100 patents to its name and has won some 200 international awards.

Companies change over time and sometimes marketers try to cash in on brands that have gone defunct and sell junk under those names in certain discount outlets. I can find nothing to support the idea that this is the case with Movado.

Maybe a blogger can help here. I haven’t even been able to establish what movements they use, except that the watches are Swiss made.

I thought perhaps that the company relied too heavily on quartz movements, but they do produce watches with automatic movements.

A friend owns an ESQ watch that is as beautiful in my eye as any watch I’ve ever seen, and he thinks so too. “I admit that for a long time I was leery of the brand, but when I saw the Quest chronograph at the price it was selling for, I could not help myself,” he said.

He also reports that it is a very accurate timepiece, as it’s currently about five seconds fast and he set it on November 30, 2007. Yes, it is quartz.

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