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>Faith is kind of like the gas in your car, it powers your car as faith powers your life. Hope is faith in things hoped for but not seen.

Ether 12:4 This hope makes an anchor for our souls.
Ether 12:4 “…you receive no witness until after a trial of your faith…”
Faith and hope are working in tandem, so think of them together.

Moroni 10:22 hope comes because of righteousness
Faith and hope are tied together and revelation is the third leg of the stool.

Examples of faith:
Ether 12:19 “There were many other whose faith was so exceedingly strong, …who could not be kept from within the veil.”

Moroni gives us others, Emer, for example
Ether 12:39 He has seen Jesus and he talked to him in “plain humility.” Does anyone know what that means. It’s powerful, when you think about it.

Ether 12:27 Come to Christ and he will show us our weakness().
In other words, in the singular, not plural. But Jared Ludlow beleives the weakness is our mortal condition. Thereby, we receive weaknesses (plural).
The reason for it is so that we can be humble…for if they humble themselves before and have faith in me, I will make weak things strong.

President Benson said, regarding to the significance of the fall. Out of that fall come verious weaknesses, but we don’t fully appreciate the fall of Adam and Eve until we look at the atonement. Benson: Just as a man doesn’t really desire food until he is hungry, so a man does not desire Christ until he knows why he needs Christ. And no one can “need” Christ until he realizes the power of the “fall.”

Ether also acknowledges his weakness in writing, for example. But Chapter 12 is really powerful…

Verse 41 Moroni, “seek Jesus Christ.”

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