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Enduring the opposition of presidential politics rarely means you have to also endure hurricanes. But amidst anti-war protesters in St. Paul, Minnesota, with a background of rain, wind, floods in the South, the Republican Convention goes on.

One would think that this kind of diversion would be detrimental to the cause of the Republicans. But that is not so. It actually focuses all America’s attention on the two big events of the week, the storm and how the Republicans are responding to it. Republican Governors of 5 southern states will be highlighted in a convention tape this evening. Together with more enlightened local governments in Louisiana, Mississippi, Florida, Alabama and Texas, the leadership so far has been excellent. Supported by President Bush and the national administration, the various branches of government have been able to bring to bear all of the assets of the United States on this one Hurricane, Gustav.

But quickly following it will be Hanna which is due to strike New Smyrna Beach, Florida on Thursday as a Category 2 to 4 Hurricane. A third hurricane follows quickly called Ike and that is expected to go out into the Gulf of Mexico as did Gustav, but its final destination is not yet known.

This is hurricane season, but they are coming fast and furious. Stay tuned.


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