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Here are my comments to a NY Times article which stated that Sarah Palin did pretty well, but the persnikety Times had to take a swipe at her, saying her lines were memorized.

I challenge anyone, after five weeks “off the farm” to do as well. She was terrific. In fact Fox News had her winning the debate and a pollster from their show felt she did so well the McCain-Palin ticket will enjoy a nice little bump in the polls because of how she handled herself. We all know how the liberal press has mistreated this candidate–really bashed her like no other candidate in the history of presidential politics. They are ‘libs,’ and they know it all. . . we all understand that. But what they don’t understand–because they live in another world–is the heart and mind of the American people. Here’s my comment.

“Sarah Palin stood tall against the more experienced Joe Biden, and in the end she came out on top of this debate by sheer power of personality. Heartland America is not New York. Not everyone who votes reads the Times or even cares about most of the issues the Times sells, certainly not in the elitist manner you convey. America is more Palin than Biden, in speech, mannerisms, and political suasion. The Democrats fear her more than they fear McCain. In four years she will be a formidable presidential candidate. She lives in a world that people identify with–where children, family issues, and the day-to-day challenges of paying the rent far out-trump whether she remembers the name of the general in far-off Afghanstan.”


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