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The following is by an Obama lover. Just to prove we keep it fair and balanced. But there is something in the last line of what Luigi says that rankles me because it is not true, among everything else he says. See if you agree and send us a comment on this blog.

Politics produces lots of inconsistencies and compromises, especially during elections. Senator Obama indeed has a thin record and limited experience. Some of his associations are somewhat troubling, but probably motivated by politics and not ideology. One of our greatest presidents, Abraham Lincoln had limited experience and also found it expedient to make alliances with characters with a wide variety of disparate views.
I consider myself an fiscal conservative and more liberal on social matters. If you believe the last 8 years have been fiscally conservative, then we have a serious disagreement. The GWB administration has significantly increased the national debt by a larger percentage than any president I can recall, and we now have a society with wealth inequalities not seen since the depression. Guess what? John McCain has voted with GWB most of the time. The issue of whether the surge worked or not is the critical one. The critical question is why did we have to go to war with Iraq and spend close to $1T? The evidence we currently have seems to indicate that the war was ill conceived. Senator McCain voted for the war. Instead, we should have chased Bin Laden and his cohorts with full force until we eliminated them. Lastly, Senator Obama has proposed having more substantial high level discussions with our enemies. It reminds me of the famous line from the Godfather movie when Marlon Brando tells Michael, “Keep your friends close but your enemies closer.” Indeed in a dangerous and highly unpredictable world, I like the thoughtful temperament that Senator Obama brings to the table.

Comment by Luigi October 6, 2008 at 12:25 pm

If you don’t have it by now, read my comment to the WSJ which they refused to print–it was my third of the day. It went something like the following: Hey, Luigi, it isn’t true that ‘Bauma has a “thoughtful temperament (in fact most of what Luigi said isn’t true).”

You are confusing lack of brains for being thoughtful. He does hesitate for long periods of time before speaking and “uhs and ahs” a lot. But that’s because he’s got little upstairs. It takes him a long time to get out his words because he’s an “empty suit.” He lacks originality–follows the Democrat line…or is it socialist and communist? His subconscious is filled with garbage from Frank Davis and Jerimiah Wright and often this comes out.

His handlers have warned him to think before speaking. That may be difficult for this verbose man. If he is elected, he will take orders from Congressmen like Barney Frank, Schumer, Charley Rangle, Dodd, and Clinton. He’s not smart. How’d he get into Harvard, affirmative action?

Do you recall the Clinton debates. The press was very partial to Obama and hated Hillary. They’d always…and I watched and noticed…they’d always ask Hill the question first. What did ACORN have over the lib press? Clinton would answer and then they’d look at the “empty suit.” He couldn’t think of an original line…if he had to. So when he got stuck he always said, “I agree with her.”

Who’s going to prompt him behind the oval office? Will Barak have to sit on Joe Biden’s lap as they talk to Ahmadinejad, Putin, the Castro Brothers, and Chavez? Someone better be there–he’ll give away Air Force One or the Pentagon if he’s left alone. He’s a dummy and will be even dummer as president. A lot of us are really fearing for America if this man is elected. He hasn’t yet produced the long form of his birth certificate. We don’t know for sure if he was even born here in America? When’s the liberal press going to demand this paper? After November 6th, so they can crown Joe Biden, the Bungler, president?

I didn’t have enough words (230 max) in the WSJ box to say the last graph, but I gladly would have.
Don White

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