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>Remember that there is no such thing as a “Latin” nation, race, or ethnic group—there is only the racist colonial term of “Latin America” (“Latino” just means Latin in Spanish) which refers to the colonialists and the colonial possessions of the Europeans of southern Europe (Spaniards, Portuguese, and French) in the “Western Hemisphere” (our land). The only thing “Latin” about our land is the 500 years of racist colonialism that has killed 95% of our population, and the theft of our land and its wealth.

“Latino” denies us our true Nican Tlaca (Indigenous) identity and heritage. It keeps us slaves to European interests and Spaniard culture.

Collectively, we have no Latin genealogy, Latin blood group, Latin history, or a common Latin culture of food or mythology.

The “Latino” labeling of our people is a colonialist-racist act of Genocide—an attempt to “kill off” our people’s true identity, history, independence, and our rights to our land and its wealth. Notice how this is not about “Latino Americans” in the U.S. This is about all of the “Spanish speaker” European Spaniards and their colonies of Nican Tlaca and Africans in the “Americas”. What they are in fact doing is separating us from our Anahuac Heritage (Mexican and “Central American” Nican Tlaca identity and history) and enslaving us to their needs.

THE CONCEPT OF HISPANIC is even more racist than “Latino” because it completely denies us our true Nican Tlaca heritage by not even referring to our colonized condition of being in “Latin America”. We now become direct possessions of Spaniards. This is an attempt (successful so far) to actively reactivate the Spanish colonial empire through their colonials on our land. The media is their main tool in this parasitic renewed colonialist machine of the European Spaniards.

A side note: A Mixed-blood is not a Criollo or a European.


Spaniards, Europeans, And Their Squatter Descendants On Our Land Who Force Their Eurocentric, Racist, & Anti-Indigenous “Hispanic” & “Latino” Labels On Our People!
Eurocentric, Racist, & Anti-Indigenous Cuban-Miami Television & Mexico City Criollos (White People) Who Control Our Knowledge, Identity & Future!
Eurocentric, Racist, & Anti-Indigenous Concepts of “Mestizo” & “Raza” That Enslave Our People To European Interests & Identities!
The Europeans And Their Descendants Who Have Denied Us The Beauty Of Our True Anahuac Heritage And The Ownership Of The Wealth Of Our Land!

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