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>Why Is Obama Afraid to Admit He Was Born and Raised Muslim?

Being a Black Muslim doesn’t disqualify him for running for President, so why won’t he be honest about it?

Maybe it’s because of what Floyd Brown dug up from Obama’s distant and not-so-distant past…

What was Obama’s father doing with communist organizers just days before the Cuban Missile Crisis?

What did Obama mean when he described the Muslim call to prayer as “one of the prettiest sounds on Earth at sunset”?

Does Obama’s supposed conversion to Christianity make him an apostate “whose blood may be shed” by the devout nutcases in Islam?

When Obama was a full-time slacker-doing drugs and drinking heavily, did it stunt his development in any way?

Has Obama changed since he spoke of the “coldness of capitalism” and told his communist mentor he was “a spy behind enemy lines”?

And what about Michelle? When she says she’s obligated to put blacks before whites, is she just pandering, or is she speaking honestly?

With the Obamas often not on speaking terms, which of them would be sleeping on the couch in the White House?

One of the Muslim schools
Obama attended in Indonesia.

Back when he was an Illinois Senator, why did Obama vote “Present” a record-setting 129 times? Is that leadership? Is that “change”?

When Obama did vote on important issues, why did he vote the “Democratic Socialists of America” party line every time? (You could call that “change” but not the kind we need!)

How easily can Obama be bought? Unsealing the federal indictment against his close pal and fundraiser (and convicted felon) Tony “the Fixer” Rezko should reveal plenty.

Earlier we spoke of two revelations in Obama Unmasked that may well blow the lid off this election. Okay, first, a source close to the mad billionaire George Soros has revealed that Soros is planning…

You also have the option of getting multiple copies for distribution to family and friends. Everyone should see this vital information that rips the mask from Barack Obama.

Geffen’s “November Surprise” Could Trick Millions into Voting for Obama and Make Soros a Fortune.

A dirty Chicago machine
made Obama, and will be
expecting blood loyalty…

Soros’ lefty candidates have lost the last two elections, and he’s pissing mad. He has $7 billion to spend to get it right this time! He is reportedly planning to sack the U.S. economy, make himself billions richer, and put Obama in the White House marching to his mad tune. All the details, as well as how you’ll be affected financially, are in the book.

And out on the left coast, Obama has a powerful ally in billionaire Hollywood mogul David Geffen.

Nobody knows how to spin a yarn better than Hollywood’s finest, David Geffen. And according to our source, he’ll be a whirling dervish!

Radical leftists see Obama as their ticket to power-and they are pulling out all the stops. Not just an October Surprise, but a November Surprise as well. The first from New York, the second from Hollywood.

We may be in for the craziest election ever, with so many unknowns…

That’s why Floyd has worked so hard to peel back the mask and reveal the real Obama, his true political leanings, and what we could expect from an Obama presidency.

Few books are written in hopes of being unnecessary in just a few months-but this is one of those books. Our hope is that this book will be remaindered on November 5th because Obama has been told by voters that he’s not ready for such an important job.

Our fear is that voters will say otherwise.

And if everyone who gets a copy passes it to someone else before the election, then maybe we can stop the radical left from putting Obama in the White House and their socialist stamp on our nation.


Floyd Brown gained notoriety with his book Slick Willy: Why America Cannot Trust Bill Clinton and his famous “Willie Horton” ad that sank Dukakis in 1988. He also founded Citizens United, served as Executive Director of Young America’s Foundation, and worked for four presidential candidates, beginning with Ronald Reagan.

After serving as a press aide in the Reagan White House, Lee Troxler wrote Along Wit’s Trail: The Humor & Wisdom of Ronald Reagan. More recently he wrote and helped produce 3 movies-Hillary: the Movie; On Native Soil: The Documentary of the 9/11 Commission Report; FahrenHYPE 9/11.

Both authors spend more time in business than politics, but as this election unfolded they were moved to action. They watched as a young Senator with a 1-page resume was lifted up onto the world’s mightiest pedestal simply because he was black, handsome, and articulate. So the authors began asking


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