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>If it’s style and luxury you’re looking for, a home in the sunshine, look no further. Florida has many resort communities, but even more private residence communities that build into their floor plans all the conveniences and amenities possible. That is why Florida is one of the fastest growing areas in the country, with population closing in on 20 million.

The above is only one of many real estate firms offering these kinds of homes. When house prices get stabilized again, you can bet there will be new developments popping up everywhere. Florida has all the ingredients for creating livable homes, plenty of land, sunshine, moderate temperatures, people escaping from the cold north to live in the hospitable climes of the south, inexpensive labor from south of the border, and a favorable tax structure. Unless the Democrats change things, Florida has no state income tax. Let’s keep it that way!

Schools are financed, as they should be, by sales taxes and local levies including state property taxes that can seem rather high if you own a luxury home.

Need to sell a home elsewhere to get down to Florida? Don and Carolyn White have written a must-read book called SELLING FAST. It may be what you need. They promise that if you follow their instructions, you will not only sell your home soon after it is listed, but make some money on the deal. This book is selling as an e-book at and also through PayPal for $10.00 or less. Study up, get your home prepared and sell it the “White Way.”
Don White, blog editor
you may email me with your questions:

Here is a link to some information about this great new book by Carolyn, Don, and Marcus White, SELLING FAST, We Sold Our House In One Day And You Can Too.

We’re not talking about you “giving your house away” to some high pressure squeeze artist. These fellows are out there and they aren’t your friends. Get the book. Read it and learn how to make money on your sale. That’s the only way to sell a house and it can still be done in today’s market, that’s the good part.

After you read the book and do what we advise, you’ll be surprised at the ease of selling a house–and making big money on your sale. But the first step is to get your hands (or in this case your eyes) on the book and read it, taking notes, following instructions; then the house will sell itself so fast you’ll be amazed at the results. This exciting new book is currently only available on PDF email format either at or directly by emailing the authors or ordering and paying through PayPal.

For a short time the price is about the cost of a lunch–$7.99–and who can’t afford that?


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