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Some people are confused. McCain and Palin are not going to just slip into the conventional mold of president/vice president. They are mavericks and it won’t be business as usual in Washington. Washington is broken and these two atypical politicians are out to fix it by cutting spending, wiping out expensive earmarks, taking away the Democrat’s Mae and Mac slush funds, eliminating corruption in Washington, and moving us forward in job creation like at no other time. Yes, you can have a conventional Washington experience with Obama in the White House–higher taxes, spreading your wealth, bigger government, and sit-downs and close ties with communists like Chavez, Castro, Putin, and others. We would become a socialistic and populist nation under Obama. But that’s not what most Americans want. And Americans don’t want Washington assuming their 401k accounts, merging them with a defunct Social Security System. Obama sold himself as the candidate of change, but with all the favors and hidden agendas he’s not capable of cleaning up the mess in Washington. McCain, and only McCain, is! The only CHANGE Obama sponsors is change in his promises from week to week. He has proven that without a doubt he is the biggest flipflopper since Shamu the killer whale but the best is yet to come if he emerges victorious. Then we’ll see the real “change” artist as he dumps all the promises and rules with an iron hand with Barney, Chuck, Harry, and Nancy at his side. It will be a disaster!
Don White

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