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General Motors will likely drop a lot of models, other than those of it’s most popular brand, Chevey,  to stay in business. As a former Chevrolet owner it’s time Americans started looking to buy a truly American automobile. 

The Chevy Traverse is a cross-over in some ways in that it has seating for five, yet high gas mileage. And it looks like what we would call a “mini station wagon” in the sixties and seventies. They went out of popularity, and the current line of sedans took their place. But there is room for the whole family in the Traverse. It’s as very useful car to take the kids to school, pick up groceries, or get Dad to work. We used to own a VW Dasher that isn’t anything of the quality and size and gas mileage as the Traverse. 

 Beautiful design and intuitive features go hand in hand in the all new Chevy Traverse. With an interior that balances sophisticated looks with exceptional usefulness, Traverse is packed with features that not only make getting to your destination easier, they make every trip there as entertaining as possible.

Clever inside
Astute outside

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