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>New Bedford, MA–This city not far from Boston is tackling the foreclosure problem the right way. So many cities let things get out of hand, as houses sit unoccupied for months and months and decay, ill-repair, rats and vermin take over. But not in New Bedford. City fathers are taking a proactive stance, razing empty, abandoned buildings sometimes and at other times–depending on building condition–revamping those that are abandoned and selling them to the public at discounted prices.

This is a model for the nation. Why let buildings go unattended to. They become eyesores and uncomfortable for others to live around, gradually causing people to move out of town and reduce the tax base. Something can and should be done, and New Bedford–while not a perfect example–will end up salvaging most of their city and making it attractive for new people and those already living there to want to stay there. The community spirit goes way up when the City Council works to make things better for its citizens.

There were only 175 foreclosures three years ago, but there were 380 so far just during 2008. Things may continue to deteriorate, but the City has a good plan that others should instigate.

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