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The U.S. government in 1838 passed legislation–the Indian Removal Act–that forced America’s Indians out of their normal habitat onto reservations where they would have to live for the rest of their lives.

This literally broke the spirit of America’s Indians. They once were a free spirited, independent, self-governing people who lived off the land abundant in prairie lands green with grasses, home to much wild life. But when the settlers came, the game dried up. The white man claimed the land for themselves, wired in large sections as farms, built settlements, towns, and cities. In time, the fences cut off the live game from migrating west, eliminating what Indian’s wanted most, freedom to roam, to come and go, to feed their families and to train their children in the traditions of the Indian.

What were Inidans supposed to do, continually fight with a now much larger group of people over their lands to their extinction?

They were moved to Georgia, Alabama, North Carolina and Tennessee. When gold was found on Cherokee lands, settlers claimed it and petitioned their government to ban the Indians from enjoying the fruits of this find. The Indians knew about the gold all along, but lived a more basic form of life, not wanting to debase their children with what we have today in America, a people corrupted by wealth, things, and riches.

This deceptive surreal credit-card “wealth” attitude was never more greatly exemplified than during the past several years, when Americans became a net borrower in the world which has led to our downfall. Congress and the president are scurrying about trying to throw more money at the problem, which is precisely the wrong thing to do. More on that issue in


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