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>Trail of Indian Tears


The Americans made the Cherokee move West and join the Trail of Tears.

The Trail of Tears was named that because so many Native Americans died on this trail. 15,000 were forced to walk long distances and were only allowed to bring what they could carry on their back. There was very little food. The old and the young died quickly because they were not strong enough to survive. Sadly, many Cherokee died on the trail of tears. About 4,000 died when they reached their destination because when they started out, they had no idea how to survive in the foreign land.

A few years after the Trail of Tears, the Indians became upset about the white people coming on the Indians land. After their Civil War the government put the Indians on land that was set aside for them. White settlers were allowed on these lands, but the Indians weren’t allowed to leave these lands called reservations. There were many different reservations for each tribe.Having been forced by the government, the Indians never regained their lifestyle.


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