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One of the Tuppreware’s Ultraplus line product

Tupperware’s product ranges are often marketed under different names in different markets, and the product ranges and colors themselves differ between markets. Some of Tupperware’s most popular lines include:

* Modular Mates (US, AU), Space Savers (UK), Kompakt-System (DE): These are oval and rectangular shaped containers that stack in a modular fashion to save pantry space and preserve food. Modular Mates have air-tight seals intended to keep food at optimum freshness for long periods of time.
* Rock ‘N Serve (US, AU), CrystalPlus (UK): These are containers for re-heating food in microwaves, and are advertised as freezer safe, stackable and dishwasher safe.
* FridgeSmart (US, UK, AU), PrimaKlima (DE): With air control vents, FridgeSmart containers are modular containers intended for refrigerated fruits and vegetables. FridgeSmarts which have air control vents intended to allow different levels of airflow around different types of fruits and vegetables, as well as a corrugated bottom to allow them to store securely on a refrigerator shelf.
* OvenWorks (US, AU), UltraPlus (UK, DE): plastic casseroles advertised as being safe when used in a microwave or a conventional oven, with heat resistant properties.
* Sheerly Elegant (US), Eleganzia (UK, DE), Illusions (AU): A “glasslike” range of serving dishes
* FlatOut! (US), MiniMax (UK, DE), Go Flex! (AU): Bowls that flatten for storage, and can be expanded when needed
* Stuffables (US, UK), Bungee (DE): refrigerator storage with flexible lids for overfilling

“Chain of Confidence” program
On May 9, 2007, Tupperware announced Brooke Shields as the celebrity spokesperson for Tupperware’s “Chain of Confidence” campaign in the USA. The campaign invites women to celebrate the strong bonds of female friendships and the self-confidence derived from those relationships. serves as an online community where women can share their confidence stories with one another and join an online discussion about the importance of female friendships and confidence.

As part of Chain of Confidence, Tupperware is donating over one million dollars to the Boys & Girls Clubs of America to sponsor SMART Girls — a program dedicated to promoting confidence in young girls ages 8-17.


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