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Many of the world’s most inspirational stories are about our Savior Jesus Christ and Christmas. No, in the minds of many people, the two are not synonymous.

National Christmas Tree and The White House

Some Christmas stories don’t even mention his name. But there are a large number of wonderful stories of giving and sacrifice which
I would like you, the reader, to submit for this blog. They will be edited and sorted through to make sure only the best are published here. That’s not to say something far less than the quality of a Shakespeare, Dickens, or David O. McKay won’t find its way into print here. If it inspires me — especially if it’s original — it may inspire someone else. That’s my only rule, except it must be in good taste.

Anything you submit will be read, I promise that. If it is not of the quality I seek for this blog, it will come back to you with corrections and helps. If you can rewrite it with my hen scratches taken into account, then do it. Who knows, I may be correcting the paper of a budding James Patterson, Ernest Hemingway, or even an Andy Horowitz or a George Will, who are favorites of mine.


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