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>National Unity Is Vital

>When we come down to it we should not think in terms of Democrats and Republicans, liberals and conservatives. We’re all Americans first.

That’s the plea the Obama gang is making today to people like Florida Senator Mel Martinez who voted against the Obama financial resuscitation plan or economic stimulus. He voted “Nay” because it’s loaded with pork and entitlements and does very little to get people back to work. The Senate is working to make the bill smaller and omit all of those things.

I still wouldn’t vote for it. Bailouts don’t work, history has proven that. They only make government larger and take decision-making farther from the grass roots.

But isn’t that how it is? The party of Franklin Roosevelt wants something so they appeal to your American-First instincts. But if we cave, and vote for an inferior bill or any bill — the Republican bill creates twice as many jobs — then we’ve totally missed the point.

In voting in unison against a similar bill, House Republicans did the right thing.

It is true — from our nation’s humble beginnings our leaders warned that strength can be found only in unity. You can interpret that two ways, but unity doesn’t equal uniformity and that doesn’t mean we all need to act like foolish Democrats and spend, spend, spend.

George Washington said it: “The bosom of America is open, but only if they [new immigrants] will be assimilated to our customs, measures, and laws; in a word, soon become our people.”

Alexander Hamiliton said we needed “the energy of a common national sentiment.” We had it after 9/11 and before and during World War II. Hamilton was high on love of country and lack of foreign bias. When he said love of country he meant this one — America — not the one immigrants came from.

I was floored the day after the November 6, 2008 presidential elections while shopping at Sams and I ran into a foreign-looking man. (With so many immigrants here in Florida, you can’t tell the foreigners from the locals.) Being the friendly sort that I am, I asked if he had voted. He smiled and said, indeed I have. Both in the American election and in my other home, Bahasa, Indonesia.

“Oh, I said, I didn’t know if you held citizenship in a foreign country you could also hold valid American citizenship.”

“Oh, yes. You see, I am American and Indonesian at the same time.” I told him our president was also from Indonesia . . . or was it Kenja, Africa where I said I thought he was born. It hasn’t been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that he wasn’t born in Africa. “Yes, anymore it doesn’t matter if you’re black or white, born abroad or here,” he said, “we’re all the same, aren’t we?”

Millions of people have dual citizenships. Born somewhere else and came here to enjoy our prosperity, easily becoming an American citizen. But in my mind, these people really aren’t full-fledged Americans. If it came down to it, they could refuse to serve in our military, pay taxes, or do anything we are required to do — by merely hopping a plane to their other country for a while. Our immigration and naturalization laws are so loose even a Muslim terrorist can become a citizen.

These People Are Only Half Committed To The American Dream
To be fully committed when you come here, you need to burn all bridges behind you to the former homeland. You need to stand ready to fight for America, regardless of the issue or the reason we are at war. In other words, you must be patriotic to America first and foremost without hesitation, but they’re not.

I’m reminded of the so-called “snowbirds” who come to Florida 7 months of the year to avoid paying higher taxes in Minnesota, for example. Or in case you’re a Mormon, to avoid having them call you to the office of scoutmaster, Bishop or High Priest Group Leader, all of which requires a lot of work.

“The one sure way to bring down America,” said Theodore Roosevelt, ” would be to permit it to become a tangle of squabbling nationalities, each insisting on its own identity.”

Groups are not good. Where your heart is, there, too, will be your allegence. Many Muslims now living in America are conflicted. Islam teaches things which don’t jive with patriotic Americanism. We learned that after 9/11.

I’m not homophobic. Not all Muslims are bad people, but I wonder if even peace-loving, non-violent Muslims are truly converted to our American mores, laws, ways, history, and beliefs.

“A man who thinks of himself as belonging to a particular national group has not yet become an American,” said Woodrow Wilson.

Before the 1980s, American’s immigrants did see themselves as individuals leaving the home country and its ways forever, taking on a new national identity. These people embrassed our laws, our national idenity. These people embraced our land, laws, ways, traditions, and customs. They were glad to do so.

John Quincy said it best: “They must cast off the European skin, never to resume it. They must look forward to their posterity rather than backward to their ancestors.”


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