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>By Don White
Russian President Dmitry Medvedev will host President Obama next week in Moscow and top on the agenda will be nuclear arms reduction.

Inextricably tied to this, in Medvedev’s mind anyway, is the circle of missile defense that President Bush promised Poland and the Czech Republic to counter any possible missile attacks from Iran.

But Russia is going to lean hard on Obama to eliminate that missile defense system from America’s plans. His argument is that this defense system could be used offensively against Russian targets, which is probably false. But what does Obama know? Will he show up unprepared as he did when he went to the group of twenty in South America and allowed himself to be brow beaten and out-propagandized by Hugo Chavez?

If I were a betting man, since we all know Obama is no good at international chess, the American neophyte president will fall for it, make huge gestures of friendship between America and Russia which as far as the Russians are concerned may render us “wounded” in some way, kind of like the storied deception the spider works on the fly.

But to butter up Obama before he arrives in Russia, Medvedev announced today that American weapons and bombs can be transported over or on Russian soil to reach our troops fighting in Afghanistan to rid the world of the Taliban. This would be a step forward for America, because the usual hilly terrain path to our base of operations is dangerous and frequently the hit-and-run enemy disrupts our supply chain and ends up killing a lot of people and stealing the weapons and other cargo.

The original story is from the Associated Press via Yahoo News
Russia to allow US arms shipments to Afghanistan (AP)


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