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Everyone wonders what Obama had to give up to free the journalists. Americans no longer trust their own administration. They believe Obama must have given Kim Jung Il something of importance, lest he wouldn’t have so eagerly released the journalists. Some say it is just positive media play — the fact that a former U.S. president flew to North Korea and figuratively got on his knees before the “ill” emperor of this third-rate monarchy. We’ll likely never know because, contrary to what Obama told us during the campaign, this is not a transparent administration. They have more secrets than the Bushies, and their attitude is worse. At least President Bush acted with a little contrition and sincerety. Lately, have you noticed how arragant Obama has become? You would be arragant too if your tail was on fire, your popularity was dropping like coconuts, and you weren’t likely to pass the biggest piece of legislation of a century, Democrat health care. It’s about to go down in ashes like Hillary Care.

Now we’ve got another intrigue and wonder how Barak will handle this one. Do you think Bill has any credibility with Mamoud Ahmadinejad? I’ll tell you who Obama should send this time. Send that Communist Van Jones, head of the “Green Team.” He’s a Czar and can talk to a fellow marxist, which I really think this Mahmoud is. That’s why he cozies up with Putin and Medvedev. Hey, better still. Send Putin. he would love to be our go-between. Since America has no diplomatic ties with Iran, we send all our birthday cards through the Swiss Embassy. Change all that now! Tell the Russians that from now on they can handle Iran for us. I’ll bet those Americans, spies or not, are back in the U.S. pronto.

  • Iran: Spy charges considered against 3 Americans (source: Seattle Post Intelligencer)
    Wed, 05 Aug 2009 01:21 GMT
    TEHRAN, Iran — Iran has arrested three Americans for illegally entering the country from neighboring Iraq and a prominent Iranian lawmaker said Tuesday that authorities were investigating whether to charge them with spying. (source: Seattle Post Intelligencer)RSS news feeds and Widgets on
  • Ahmadinejad sworn in as Iran’s president: radio (source: Reuters)
    Wed, 05 Aug 2009 01:36:44 -0400
  • How does that make you feel, you Iranian demonstrators? A guy who lost the election is declared the winner in Iran. Is your country really free? I guess that’s accademic, isn’t it? You Iranians have only as much freedom as the Muhlas want to confer, which aint very much these days. Talk about a repressive regime, Iran takes the cake. And what are we doing about stopping their drive toward getting a nuke? Nothing. Obama is an ineffective international leader, let alone American president. He hasn’t mounted any support for poor Israel in stopping Mahmoud’s drive toward getting the nuke that will surely knock out our best ally in the world, Israel. In fact, Obama isn’t giving Israel much thought these days. He’s too much concerned with his own school-boy-like popularity to think about such small potatoes as Iran versus Israel.
    TEHRAN (Reuters) – Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was sworn in as Iran’s president Wednesday, state radio reported, after a disputed re-election that has exposed a deep schism in the Islamic Republic’s clerical establishment. (source: Reuters)RSS and News widget on

What a great idea Attorney General Eric Holder has come up with. He should have had this job fifty years ago when we were seeing Communists behind every bush. He’s so great, he will let all the prisoners go and save America $50 billion. Imagine that. Now there’s a man to elevate, Mr. President. He should take Hillary’s job when she faints of exaustion. She’s looking kind of frail these days, ever since Bill took over the Secretary of State job by going to North Korea in such a brave way. What a man. Who needs Hillary? Besides, Barak, this would be a great time to get rid of her. She wants to run for president in 2012, or didn’t you know? Yes, she’s really an enemy of yours. You’d better start planting stories in your progressive media about her. She’s unfit to be Secretary. Bring on Eric. He would make “friends” will all our enemies and we could totally disarm, imagine that.

Now here’s one for you, Mr. President and Eric Holder. Do you comute the sentence of Mob boss John Gotti and do you let him go free? He’s really such a nice guy, after all, isn’t he? Didn’t he grow up in Chicago? I think so. He’s part of the Chicago gang in the White House. I would think it only fitting for you, Prez, to give him another of your “get-out-of-jail-free” cards and let him roam about in the White House with you and Michelle. He’s part of the family, is he not? It’s so expensive keeping Gotti in jail. Actually, he’s worth much more out of jail than in jail. The cost of keeping him locked up isn’t, what’s that word, “sustainable”, is it?

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