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>By Don White
The camera work and photographs were excellent – far better than the speech. Obama has a flare for the dramatic, the anti-American, the radical, the anti-Constitutional, anti-flag, etc. But let us not mistake style for substance. He was short on substance, long on smile appeal.

This speech won’t get the traction he hopes. But, part of an entertainer’s shtick must always be the appearance of inner confidence, poise, golden words, and of course some comedy.

He provided all of that, and for the partisans it was a good night out on the town and for the right it didn’t resonate. For America between D.C and L.A. it was just plain scary, not what the vast majority of people in this country want. I’m part of the latter group, thank you, and it won’t do anything to turn our hearts his way so he will have to ram something through if he wants a government option, AND SEE DEMOCRATS SUFFER AT THE POLLS NEXT YEAR, which last night proved he did.

By the way, the Kas Sunstein (the man who wants to put chickens before man, give them attorneys, and regulate farmers out of business) confirmation cloture vote proved one thing. That even Utah Republicans once thought to be conservative, Bob Bennett and Orin Hatch, have a price. Don White


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