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— fwd…..not verified but interesting!

>  From Shepard Smith, Fox News.

> If you check Obama’s last trip overseas, his wife left just after their
> visit to France as stated below. She has yet to accompany him to any Arab
> country. Think about it. This was sent to me from a very good and reliable
> friend. The pieces of the puzzle just keep on coming together!
> Interesting…

> Travel for Obama
> I was at a Blockbusters renting videos, and as I was going along the wall,
> there was a video called “Obama”. There were two men next to me. We talked
> about Obama. These guys were Arabs and I asked them why they thought
Michele Obama headed home following her visit in France instead of
> traveling on to Saudi Arabia and Turkey with her husband. They told me
> she couldn’t go to Saudi Arabia , Turkey or Iraq . I said “Laura Bush
> went to Saudi Arabia , Turkey and Dubai .”

> They said that Obama is a Muslim, and by Muslim law he would not be
> allowed to bring his wife into countries that accept Sharia Law. I just
> thought it was interesting that two Arabs at Blockbusters accept the idea
> that we’re being led by a Muslim who follows the Islamic creed.

> They also said that’s the reason he bowed to the King of Saudi Arabia . It
> was a signal to the Muslim world..

> Just thought you would like to know.

> ***************
> When I received this it made sense to me, but there were also a couple
> blank spots. Thus, I sent it to a friend who is a Middle Eastern Scholar
> and expert, Dr. Jim Murk. Here is his explanation that states a little
> clearer what the Arabs at Blockbuster were saying..

> “An orthodox Muslim man would never take his wife on a politically
> oriented trip to any nation which practices shari’ah law, which includes
> Saudi Arabia . This is true and it is why Obama left Michelle in Europe
> or at home when he went to especially Arab countries. He knows Muslim
> protocol; this included his bowing to the Saudi king.. Obama is regarded
> as a Muslim in these countries simply because he was born to a Muslim
> father. Note that he has downplayed his Christianity–even spoke of his
> Muslim faith with George Stephanopoulus –by not publicly joining a
> Christian church in D.C., but simply attending the chapel or services at
Camp David . He also played down the fact that the USA was a Christian
> country and said, unbelievably, that it was one of the largest Muslim
> nations in the world, which is nonsense. He has also publicly taken the
> part of the Palestinians in the conflict with Israel . Finally he ignored
> the National Day of Prayer.
>   He is bad newsl He is God’s judgment on America .”
>                                          Jim Murk

> Thus once again ACTIONS speak louder than words. Check out Obama’s. Do
> they appear treasonous to you or is it just millions of us who think so?
> God help us!
> Have you wondered why Barack Hussein Obama has insisted that the U.S.
Attorney General hold the trials for the 911 Murdering Muslims Terrorists
> in Civilian Courts as Common Criminals instead of as Terrorists who
> attacked the United States of America?

> Think about this: If the Muslim Terrorists are tried in Military
> Tribunals, convicted, and sentenced to DEATH by the Military Tribunal, BY
> LAW of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama, as President of the United
> States, would be required to SIGN their Death Warrants before they could
> be EXECUTED. He would not be required to sign the death warrants if
> sentenced to death by a Civilian Court. Think about the Muslim Jihadist,
> Major Hassan who slaughtered his fellow soldiers at Ft. Hood, Texas..
> Major Hassan did not want to go to Afghanistan and be a part of anything
> that could lead to the deaths of fellow Muslims. He stated that Muslims
> could not and should not KILL FELLOW MUSLIMS.
> Is the motive for Barack Hussein Obama’s decision to make sure he doesn’t
> have to sign the death warrants for the Muslim Terrorists? Why would he,
> as President of the United States, not want to sign the death warrants for
> Muslim Terrorists who attacked the United States and MURDERED over 3,000
> innocent United States Citizens on 9/11? Could it be that he is FORBIDDEN
> BY HIS RELIGION to have anything to do with the execution of Muslims?
> Think about that!!! Join me in opening our ears, eyes and minds to what
> THEIR President is doing.

>                        John W. King, Attorney at La


Comments on: ">Why Obama Acts So Muslim" (6)

  1. >In my View we are all equal as long as we see the world as christian, muslim, judith and so on we will never have peace, as far as the 9/11 is concerned there is subsequent evidence that suggest the truth involvement on the part of the U.S diplomats,generals and other men throughout the world in power that organised the whole scenario which in return opened the war of invasion of many countries, leading to the deaths of million of innocent lives throughout the world, leaving milions homeless and with no sufficient food or medication, as i said we live on a dot of existence how long will we keep drawing imaginary lines that seperates us only theoraticly on a piece of paper.

  2. >Nice comment, Samuelbegan. You could well be correct. We are all children of God – or if you prefer, children of the universe. But it gets back to the same thing. God created the universe. He gave us heavenly attributes and when we come down here on earth to prove ourselves, sometimes we miss the point and act like stubborn school children. But the point of the piece is that if a president is going to be transparent and honest, he should state the fact that he is operating under a certain set of rules (we are not a Muslim nation), even if it upsets most voters, which in his case it does. His dilemma: If he is anything but honest, it won't set well with most Americans. That's where he is, but then he has publicly stated that he is going to dramatically transform America. Are we all to become Muslims or communists? Is he trying to displace the Constitution with Sharia law? I think he is. About his foreign visits and policy: I view this as more of his unholy transformation. Unholy because he says one thing and does another all too often. Democrats did not vote in a Muslim president, yet he is acting like one. Don White

  3. >Neither I nor most readers speak Chinese. Would you please translate this into English, 佳慧 ?Your comments will mean more to me and others if we know what you said, or are you communicating to just a couple of people in this Chinese code for some clandestine purpose? If so, STOP IT.Don White

  4. >行萬里路勝讀萬卷書 ^^ 羨慕你哦!..................................................

  5. >Again, our readers probably don't read Chinese. If this is some kind of code, why don't you just start up your own web site and be done with the secrecy. Yur figures say: "Sheng reading thousands of books from thousands envy you ^ ^ Oh!"Well, Mr. Sheng. I love to read books too, but envy has nothing to do with it. It'a LEARNING AND KNOWLEDGE that I'm after. Don W.

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