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>The snobby New York Times editorial staff may find the following opinion offensive. So it may not get printed there, but I thought you would like to know my stand on the war and the McCrystal flap. Don White

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Donald M. White


Windermere, FL


Obama is more of an ignoramus if he fires the general than we all thought he was. He won’t fire him. How could he. He’s touting and following McCrystal’s war plan and has none of his own.
He knows nothing about war. He didn’t serve in our military – at first he barely saluted and never places his hand over his heart – so it’s no wonder he and his staff appeared disengaged and incapable in the general’s first meeting.
You don’t fire a general because your ego is hurt over something that was said in a bar. Obama knows that he can make more enemies than friends by firing a top-notch general.
Dissension was bound to happen. It’s been nine years in Afghanistan and Iraq. The officers and troops are tired and the American public is disgusted with this war. We’re not getting anywhere over there except \”leveling the playing field\” by spending millions of dollars on them and on foreign intrigue when our President really has turned his back on his this country’s security problems at home.
Bring everyone home like you said you would, Mr. President. Can’t you at least keep one promise? It’s the most costly war this country has ever had and we could use the troops on the Mexican border. Oh, but of course defending the United States of America and living up to your mandate of providing to us security is not as important as dumping billions of dollars on defending an Arab state in a no-win conflict, health care, banks, GM, Cap and Trade, and raising taxes is it? Don White


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