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>Obama Spits On The Senate


What do you do if you’re President and you want to nominate an extreme leftist to be in charge of American banking and consumer lending? By law, the position requires the advice and consent of the Senate, and you know that your candidate for the job will never be confirmed. Many in your own party won’t vote for her. It will be a big public relations mess. Here’s what you do, if you’re Barack Obama. You appoint her to a much lower-level position, an advisory one that doesn’t require Senate confirmation. But then you instruct the Secretary of the Treasury not to interfere with any of her decisions and make sure they’re carried out. Technically, she doesn’t have the position that requires Senate confirmation (i.e., she doesn’t have the title or the salary). But she has all the power of that position, and the cabinet officer who was confirmed by the Senate has been told that this appointee has the ear of the President, which is code for “stay out of her way.”

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