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Unhappy Client Suing B.K. Nelson Inc. Literary Agency

Posted by Victoria Strauss for Writer Beware

From An article from Courthouse News Service (a nationwide newsletter for lawyers focusing on civil litigation):

A retired lawyer claims he wrote a book investigating the death of Princess Diana, and his agent extorted thousands of dollars from him to market the book. Paul Anthony Spletzer…sued BK Nelson and her eponymous firm, whom he says he hired to represent him for 20 percent commission.

“In negotiating her fee, defendant Nelson, when questioned by Spletzer as to why she charged 20 percent commission, which is believed to be twice as much as other agencies, replied that she, she personally, was worth it,” the complaint states.
Spletzer says Nelson told him that he “would receive not less than $250,000 and probably $450,000 plus royalties for the rights” to his book by selling it as a film.

He claims she asked him to pay $4,000 so she could create a DVD trailer of “Her Necessary Death” and market the book to the entertainment industry in New York and Hollywood.

“Defendants stated that this trailer would be similar to the trailers seen on HBO or Showtime or those presented as coming attractions in movie houses … that there would be actors presenting the theme of the work entitled ‘Her Necessary Death,'” according to the complaint.

Spletzer says he received the trailer in May, but that it “is worthless.”

To read the entire story, please click on
The full complaint, which demands millions of dollars in compensatory and punitive damages, can be seen here.

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