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Thursday, December 23rd, 2010
Dear Energy and Capital Reader,
It’s moving faster than we anticipated… much faster!
When we first alerted you to this unique energy company — on the verge of throwing the entire industry on its head — it was only a start-up.
Scratch that.
The company merely created a prototype of a solar spray so powerful that it could generate electricity on ANY glass surface… even at night.
Within days of its first public demonstration, major news outlets across the globe started chomping at opportunities to cover it.
CNBC even called this prototype the energy crisis‘ “silver bullet”.
In the short time since its technology made headlines, however, this tiny outfit’s become anything but a start-up…
In fact, it’s such an instant hit that already, with major contracts lining up, the CEO announced on December 15th that their production is rapidly going full scale.
When it’s completed, your ability to secure shares at a ground-floor price will be gone forever.
Just to get you up to speed, this short video exposes every last detail you need to know.
Happy Holidays!
Brian Hicks
Brian Hicks
Publisher, Energy and Capital

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