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>”All it takes for tryanny to gain a foothold (in America) is to remain silent.”.  Thomas Jefferson

A genuinely sad event like the shooting in Tuscon, Arizona is being misused by the progressives and the media. They are blaming it on the placid, peaceful Tea Party people. What a sham.

Look for Barak Obama to soon attempt to take guns away from the public. If he attempts to do so, it will be a huge political mistake.

A few — the popular media – is accusing a majority of Americans of murder. Over half the country has been indicted. For the actions of one, lone, deranged madman.

ABC News is reporting that FBI Director Muller states that the shooting of the Congresswoman was done by a disenfranchised, lonely young man. But they are pointing the finger of manipulation at YOU, the average John and Joan Doe of America. America moved to the center in the last elections? No, I believe they went to the right in voting Republican. They clearly expressed what they don’t want more of – The Democrat Party.

They don’t talk about a judge killed – appointed by a Republican President George Bush. The left is depraved, empty and without substance. Crying wolf at the right is about all they’ve got. Democrats are the party that seeks to profit from national disaster. STOP IT, Democrats.


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