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News & Media
This category includes sites that sell various appliances and consumer electronic products, such as white goods, audio appliances, TV and video, and communication products. It incorporates both online and offline vendors.
Top covered international news stories for 2010 include the Haiti earthquake, WikiLeaks, and the World Cup. As more and more people rely on the Internet as a prime source of information, below are the top websites and local competitiveness index for News & Media.
Top 10 Most Popular Websites for News & Media*
  1. Yahoo! News
  2. The Weather Channel – Us
  3. Yahoo! Local
  4. Ezine Articles
  6. The Huffington Post
  7. Associated Content
  8. Weather Underground
  9. MSNBC
  10. topix
Websites ranked by Click Share
for the week ending in 01/02/2011
Local Competitiveness Index
92.1% of traffic to the ‘News and Media’category
was directed at local sites.
Top 10 News & Media Upstream Websites
  1. Google
  2. Facebook
  3. Yahoo!
  4. Yahoo! Search
  5. Yahoo! Mail
  6. Bing
  7. msn
  8. Yahoo! News
  9. AOL
Month of December 2010
Top 10 News & Media Downstream Websites
  1. Facebook
  2. Google
  3. Yahoo! Mail
  4. The Weather Channel – US
  5. YouTube
  6. Yahoo! Search
  7. Yahoo!
  8. Bing
  9. Yahoo! News
  10. Windows Live Mail
Month of December 2010
Online Segmentation Snapshot
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Networking & Forum Websites for Steadfast Conservatives
Top 10 Social Networking & Forum Websites for Steadfast Conservatives
  1. Google Maps
  2. MapQuest
  3. Southwest Airlines
  4. Expedia
  5. Bing maps
  6. Yahoo! Maps
  8. Yahoo! Travel
  9. TripAdvisor
  10. Orbitz
* Most Popular Websites in Computers and Internet – Social Networking and Forums ranked by Visits from Mosaic USA Type F01: Steadfast Conservatives
About Mosaic USA Type: Steadfast Conservatives
Encompassing the largest share of visits within the Social Networking and Forums Industry, Steadfast Conservatives comprise mature singles and couples living in midscale urban neighborhoods. Households tend to be white, high school-educated and middle class. Their top 3 website categories are News & Weather, Banking, and Instant Messaging.
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