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If you are furnishing a home, the place to look for art work is not a furniture store, it’s at Artist Studio in Winter Garden, Florida. The above is a Mark Pulliam piece of art, an evening scene called Twilight. Mark’s use of bold shades of blue, red, and green in a muted evening tone bursts onto the canvas with a lot of emotion. Your home will literally shine when you let Artist Studio provide both the pictures and the frames that best suit your home’s interior design and its theme or motif. This is not a paid advertisement. I just ran across this art and was stunned by its beauty. Just happens his shop is three miles or so from my home.

Please email Mark for more information: – even if you do not live in Florida. the good people at Artist Studio will work with you wherever you live. I know, they are friends of mine. Tell them I sent you.
Don White

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