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Atlas Shrugged: The Movie?

Two things you will find on many suburban American teens’ shelves: One Tree Hill onDVD and a copy of an Ayn Rand novel.
How else are these things related, you ask? Well, the guy who played Chad Michael Murray’s dad on One Tree Hill is helming—and starring in—a film adaptation of Rand’sAtlas Shrugged, according to Variety.
Shooting began this past weekend in Los Angeles for Atlas Shrugged Part One, a $5-million indie adaptation backed by exercise equipment tycoon John Aglialoro, whobought the movie rights to the novel for $1 million 17 years ago. According toVariety, Aglialoro said he would have lost the film rights if the movie wasn’t in production by Saturday. Aglialoro and Harmon Kaslow will produce and Paul Johansson, best known as Dan Scott onOne Tree Hill, will direct. The novel will be divided into three films.
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