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>I’m irked. I opened this G-mail account for why, I don’t know. but it gathers sellers of things like flies. I feel like the guy (it was Charlie Chaplin in his epic cartoons) who is painting this room and he spills paint all over the floor onto the paper that is supposed to be protecting his nice tile floor. then he steps on it. It sticks to his shoes. He’s got a ladder over one shoulder while he’s trying gingerly to get this sticky paper off his shoes.

Meanwhile, he’s despoiling his freshly painted room, the floor he so wanted to protect, and his own clothing. The boss comes in and he turns to see who it is. With the ladder still on his shoulder, when he turns he whops his boss in the head with the wooden ladder. The boss, dressed in a brand new suit, falls to the sticky ground. Now he had sticky paper stuck to the bottom of his pants. Then Charlie turns to help him and whops him again with the ladder, spilling a bucket of paint onto his bald head.

This is the kind of nonsense I feel like we’ve got on the Net. So many Charlie Chaplins, comedians only, out there in cyberspace trying to get my attention. I can’t delete their emails fast enough and soon, like rats or rabbits, they propagate another fifty, one hundred, five hundred emails for me to sort through. All the while I’m thinking today is my lucky day. Today I’ll find just one email sender who will not charge me an arm and a leg for getting rich. Who won’t require my credit card number so I don’t lose my identity. Identity theft is a monster to be afraid of in America.

I look on the net and there are fifty people with names just like mine. Are any of these real, or are they my half-breeds. Have I breaded these rabbits by giving my email out? Probably, because the list of emails keeps on growing and I don’t even have time in an eight-hour day to read the good ones and delete the remainder. It’s a big scam-all of it. The truth is that nobody is making big money on the Net. Nobody!

They are all the biggest liars I’ve ever seen..Their headline lures you in by promising something free. I’ve gone there and their freebies aren’t worth the time: some homemade video of how rich this guy is. Well, if he’s done so well why is he scamming me? If, indeed, he does have a mansion by the ocean with palm trees and sand all around, why doesn’t he just sit there and count the turtles or something, read a novel, or look at the bikini babes? No, he’s got to make my life miserable, too.

The truth is he has no million-dollar house on the beach. he has no regular income. His business is not on auto pilot, as he says. He works fourteen hour days just to send me emails I don’t want. Enough, enough, enough of the rants. You won’t hear from me again on this. I’ve sworn off get-rich schemes. They’re all lies. Below find just a small portion of the people who sent this Gmail account emails. They’re all losers. Or is it I that is a loser for looking at some of them. I had not attended to my Gmail account for six months and woke up and found two thousand emails there. I deleted most of them, 50 at a time, without reading any of them. They’re all Not in the vernacular, but for real. They’re worthless jabber:


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