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>You know when his re-election machine is in full fast-forward mode. Today, February 3, President Barak Hussein Obama, self-avowed Christian, prayed. His words didn’t say anything about God or Jesus Christ which most Christians would use when praying. He did say, to his credit, “We pray that the violence in Egypt Will End.”

Now that he is officially acting as a true Christian, I hope that my fellow bloggers and pundits will know that Obama wants to restore public trust in him as one of us. The above is what Obama said at the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington D.C.

Course, you could say how could he refuse to say those words. I just wish he would show his gratefulness for being an American, for prospering as well as he has since becoming president, for living in a free country, and that he has converted to Christianity from the Islam religion. yes, I know if he said that some outraged Muslim would cry for his beheading. But seriously, we are always praying for our president, no matter what his name is and no matter who he is. He is our president and deserves our prayers.

We also need to pray for our missionaries abroad and at home. And for our military who are always in harms way. God bless them.


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