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>What A Great Day – With Glenn Beck At The Helm We Shall Not Fail!

Former Defense Secretary to President Bush was interviewed by Rush Limbaugh on his program on February 9, 2011. Here are some of his words and ideas as seen through the prisim of Glenn Beck, who also discussed this  man’s views.
Rumsfeld: Yeah, Caliphate is the goal

Anyone else notice that Caliphate is suddenly starting to pop up in the national conversation? Yesterday on The Rush Limbaugh Program, former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld talked about the movement to institute a global caliphate – which is weird because all the critics bashing Glenn say that’s nonsense! Glenn reacts to Rumsfeld’s comments and gives something all the haters never do: the facts. Get the full story

Who’s off their rocker? Stu pits Glenn vs. The Critics…whose ideas are wackier? Find out HERE.

Muslim Brotherhood stated goals include…Caliphate!

There’s that crazy theory again, the Caliphate – there’s even further evidence that the goal of the Muslim Brotherhood is indeed a global Islamic government. It’s their own leaders in their own words – and Egypt is their latest opportunity. You can either live in Bill Kristol fantasy land (wow that sounds like a lame place) or you can get the facts. You can get them right HERE.

SE Cupp gears up for CPAC – She will be covering it LIVE on Thursday and Friday. Will the GOP abandon or embrace the Tea Party? Will they stick to conservative principles or go with party over principle? Get the inside scoop with S.E. weekdays @ 1pm on Insider Extreme. If you missed yesterday’s premiere show Insider Extreme members can watch the full show on demand. Not a member? Check out this free clip and sign up now.

Feinstein: Yeah, radicals could take Egypt

Wait, where is the outcry that Dianne Feinstein has lost her mind!  She’s warning that extremists such as the Muslim Brotherhood could easily take over Egypt. But Bill Kristol said this is 1776! Watch the clip HERE. PLUS, since not many people seem to have a clue on the multi-faceted face of the unrest in Egypt, The Blaze has put together a series of articles on understanding Egypt. You can get up to speed on those HERE.

The 7…Live: Last week’s powerful episode featured recovering heroin addict Ron Usner – today the journey continues Live at 2 pm with Dave Dzien who is coming back for his second session with Dr. Ablow. Get motivated. Get inspired. If you missed today’s live episode you can watch all previous episodes for FREE here.

Yup, Planned Parenthood is still evil

In the latest undercover operation, Planned Parenthood is shown for the evil organization that they are – cold and calculated in their mission to lead young women into having abortions. With groups like that, it should come as no surprise that 41% of all pregnancies in NYC end in abortion. Glenn spoke with Lila Rose on radio today about the latest investigation into Planned Parenthood. Watch it HERE.

Last chance NOT to ruin Valentine’s Day: Do you really want to be in the dog house? It’s your last chance to order great Glenn Beck Valentine’s Day gifts and not get burned – visit now!

TV Tonight: How unions are using Egypt’s unrest for power – don’t miss it tonight at 5pm only on The Fox News Channel!


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