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>Abortion Has Got To Stop

>Abortion is a relatively new idea.

We have abortions here in Amnerica. It’s happening at Planned Parenthood. In time abortion will be recognized as the horror that it is. We haven’t changed. Technology has changed.

If you had your choice, you would never abort a baby. Because there is now technology that will show you there is a live baby in there. The fact of the child hasn’t changed. But people won’t look at the facts and the pictures, but they don’t want to think about it.

There are dozens of videos showing the horrible things tht are occurring at Planned Parenthood. Pictures of underage children, say 13 years of age, who are getting help from Planned Parenthood. Much of that is being funded by the Obama Administration. I hope the new Tea Party Congress will defund everything that goes to this immoral group.

I hope to God that somebody in a clinic sees these pregnant 13-year-olds who are having sex with thirty-year-olds to have babies that ugly, bad men sell on the market. These girls are in a form of slavery. That’s got to stop and the pimps and ugly men must be stopped and jailed.

In 2008 Planned Parenthood performed 360,000 abortions. John Boehner has demanded that he will work to defund Planned parenthood. Yet, people like Hilary Clinton is “in awe of Margaret Sanger” who led the way to formation of Planned Parenthood. All progressives believe in a superior race, and thus they believed in death camps in the 1930s and in killing babies that have the slightest amount of problems when they are born.

“Three hundred years of imbeciles is enough,:” said Judge Oliver Wendell Holmes. Progressive! Fabian Socialists were actually ahead of progressives in this country. Glenn Beck says they had thought about it for a long time and were eager to follow Shaw’s example and exhortation of killing any person who lacked an IQ of 100 or more. He talked about people who were just too stupid to be kept alive. He believed that those on the borderline should have to go before a panel and explain themselves, and their purpose for being allowed to live.

Can you imagine the arrogance of that practice. The sheer stupidity of that program of thinking?

Shaw was the first one to come up with death chambers, which later Germans used to kill Jews and others.

Let us be clear, all life is worth living. According to Beck Teddy Roosevelt and Alexander Graham Bell believed in exterminating those who were not as bright as the norm. “any group of farmers who permited their best stock not to bread, and yet allowed their worst stock to breed” encouraged and conived at the cold selfish. he believed in panels to decide who should be allowed to marry. “We have no right to perpetuate citizens of the wrong type,” said Shaw and others.

This philosophy that it is compassionate to kill a suffering child is nothing new. It is a popular feeling in Europe and more and more Americans are thinking along the same lines.  There are two million parents waiting to adopt. If someone wants an abortion, think it over. Why not let the child live in a good home other than your own.

Yes, Yes, Yes. We will take care of the children despite their mental abilities. It is utterly amazing how much children with mental disorders can achieve. LET THEM LIVE, LET THEM LIVE.

God will bless you if you do. Don White.


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