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>the following thumbnail reports relate mostly to rumors about what the Yankees may do – except A-Rod has reportedly bought an expensive home in Upper West Side Manhattan. Isn’t it interesting – months ago Andy Petit indicate he might not be back and the pitchers are in Florida and Brian Cashman is still negotiating for a pitcher. Let’s face it, if he hasn’t found a fifth starter by now he won’t by opening day. I figure it will be A.J. Burnett, so what’s all the worry about. A.J. will lose as many games this year as he wins.

Burnett was a poor choice. Cashman paid too dearly for this wild pitcher. He’s so wild that he has to have a different catcher than the other pitchers utilize. His fastball is gone so he tries to throw a lot of junk pitches, but he lacks command. So look for the Yankees to sign someone later, before the signing deadline. Burnett is definitely not the answer for New York – that is unless they are content with finishing third in the Eastern Division. Maybe they can come in second behind Boston, but if the above occurs I’ll guarantee you that they will not be the American League Wild Card team again. Don White

We thank Bleacher Report for the following sketches. Be sure to read the thumbnail, then click onto the appropriate link and read the entire story(s). DW


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