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>What A Great Day – With Glenn Beck At The Helm We Shall Not Fail!

On Today’s Program

Socialists re-write Preamble to the Constitution

Ah, public schools – now many of them across the country are
teaching our children that the Preamble to the Constitution mandates
“The People’s basic needs must be met in a country. Needs for housing, 
education, transportation, and health care overseen by our government 
system.” This comes from an ‘educational’ program called Building Fluency
Through Practice and Performance.
As an added bonus, they are chanting these words…get the details at
The Blaze.

Sheen takes Twitter by storm

After Glenn ruined Stu’s Charlie Sheen story this morning – they covered the
ongoing saga that is Charlie Sheen. He decided to join Twitter yesterday and
despite only posting one tweet, he had gained over half a million followers.
People lining up to watch the train wreck – or fans? Glenn explains what he
thinks is motivating Sheen’s outbursts on radio today. Get the story

WATCH: The latest episode of “The 7…Live” aired today at 2pm!
Today Dr. Ablow focused on The 7 Day pledge that will help jumpstart
your life. If you missed it live, you can watch it and previous episodes HERE.

F.B.I. raids U.S. socialists & union activists for providing 
‘support’ to terrorist groups

Left wing group Democracy Now complained of raids conducted by the
F.B.I. that is yet more proof that Glenn’s wild and wacky ‘conspiracy
theory’ on Egypt is actually true. While the media sat around
cheerleading the protests without bothering to investigate, they
mocked Glenn without any of the facts. Watch the video that once
again shames the mainstream media.

Glenn tries to justify his bizarre diet

Glenn, clearly bitter because he’s been reduced to eating sticks and
drinking wheat, tried to justify why eating sticks is not only better
for you than eating regular food, but better than the so called healthy
 food sold at regular grocery stores. Stu attempts to argue in favor of
pro-regular food people – how does that go over? Check out the 
confrontation from radio today.

Why Republicans Should be Worried

A wealthy U.S. citizen, who’s neither a Republican nor Democrat,
recently issued a major warning about a huge event in 2011 which
 could affect every American. If you have any political ties, or
concerns about the future of our nation, I encourage you to read
this warning right away.

Watch his free video presentation HERE.

Sponsor Message

 Holder: NBP case demeans ‘my people’

Apparently Holder only considers some Americans, not all, as his
people. In a recent press conference Holder defended his decision
to drop the slam dunk case against the Black Panthers who were clearly
caught intimidating at a Philadelphia polling location. Is Holder
choosing race over law? Get the full story from The Blaze – and
check out Glenn’s reaction from radio today.

Glenn Beck Presents – All In: Glenn has worn many hats
throughout his career, but his newest project is where his many
talents uniquely converge to create an unforgettable evening of
information, inspiration, and entertainment. Conceived, written
and produced entirely by Glenn, he has handpicked the three
gifted men who will bring you the show. This event is coming to
Tulsa, OK and Columbia, SC and Insiders can get their tickets
before anyone else RIGHT NOW. Public on sale begins this
Friday at 10 am local time. Get all the details HERE.

TV Tonight:  Did terrorists trigger economic crash? Glenn
breaks it down tonight at 5pm only on the Fox News Channel!

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