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Listen up, Yankee fans. I have a pipeline into the Yankees dugout 
and the word is all positive about Freddie Garcia. He’s fine, and will 
become a settling factor to help NY surge into the playoffs for 2011. 
Don’t misunderstand. We want the world to know that for a couple 
of years this man Garcia, the most experienced pitcher on the 
temporary Yankee roster, is capable of winning fifteen games a 
year, something the parting lefty Andy Petitte would have done for
the Yankees. I hope to heck Cashman will see the light and that
Manager Joe Giardi, who is an excellent judge of pitching talent, 
will have the courage to stand up to Cashman and the Steinbrenners
on this choice. No, I don’t think Colon can do it. No, I don’t think 
even that fastballer Hughes has enough command to be part of the
five-man starting pitching rotation. But even if the Yankees chose to
use Garcia out of the pen, it would be a huge boost for the team
Don White
By Wallace Matthews
PORT CHARLOTTE, Fla. — The New York Yankees may not quite be ready for Freddy. ButFreddy Garcia thinks he is ready for them.
“I said it the first day in camp, if I lose the spot, it’s my fault,” Garcia said after making his first start of the spring, two scoreless innings against the Rays in a game that was mercifully waved off after 10 innings with the two teams mired in a 1-1 tie.
Garcia is one of four pitchers in Yankee camp competing for two starting spots. As far as he’s concerned, one of them was his to lose from the moment he arrived, and with some justification: Of the four — Ivan NovaBartolo ColonSergio Mitre and himself — he is the only one who was a full-time major league starter in 2010, and he posted a better than respectable 12-6 record (4.64 ERA) for the Chicago White Sox.
But at 34 years old and with a history of arm problems, he could do no better than come to camp as a non-roster invitee on a minor league contract that will pay him $1.5 million if he makes the team, and could go as high as $3.6 million if he makes 30 starts, a number he hasn’t reached since 2006.
Still, he comes in with a chip on his shoulder, a belief tha

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