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Posted: 07 Mar 2011 09:34 AM PST
Video:  The protestor does not like foreclosure liars…
These are by far my favorite type of clips – random, live, televised episodes of public humiliation for the criminal bankster elite.
Watch an unknown protestor call JPMorgan Chase exec David Lowman a liar during yesterday’s Senate Banking Committee hearings.  Nice work.
The anger is growing…
big h/t to Dr. Pitchfork for finding and drafting this clip.

Posted: 07 Mar 2011 08:39 AM PST
Protesters interrupt J.P. Morgan – WaMu foreclosure auction – Mar. 4, 2011.
Thanks to Daily Bail regular “john” for sending us this clip, which gives us a glimpse of some of the ground-level realities of the foreclosure crisis.  The video shows a foreclosure auction taking place on the courthouse steps while protesters hold up signs, sing chants and blow whistles.  Most of the protesters, it turns out, are the very people whose homes were being sold that day.  Heartbreaking.
The protest was organized by a group calling themselves The National WaMu Homeowners Support Group.  And they have no love for Obama’s favorite banker, Jamie Dimon.  Don’t miss the photos of Dimon in an orange jumpsuit and Dimon as Hannibal Lector on their site.
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