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>Moodys downgraded Portugal today, not by one grade but by two. The European banking people have decided to buy Portugal’s money, saving that country temporarily.

But what happens when the banks decide not to buy these bonds? Inflation throughout the world will go sky-high. Economists have warned that as Portugal goes, so goes Europe and the world. Spain is in deep trouble…All of this while the Middle East boils over with wars in Libya, Saudi Arabia, and other places. Is anyone comfortable these dangerous days.

The scuttle-butt in Congress is”rampant inflation.” Now even the Congress is agreeing with what Beck and the American Inflation Assn. have been saying all along – that with gas prices edging toard $4.00 a gallon – already there in Hawaii – America is in for the worst inflation on food it has ever seen.

During the Great Depression 11 percent of our people were farmers, so they helped save the country. But today less than one percent of Americans run farms. Isn’t it time for you and I to plant our “victory” gardens?
Go to my Recipe Babe blog for an interesting concept of gardening behind your house in boxes, even if you don’t have much room. It can be done, America.

The Ultimate Liberty: Food Security  Read recipes and other food ideas on

I don’t have a big garden spot behind my house. But I have tomato plants and other things, especially herbs, in
pots. the rosemary is really a great shrub. You can cut off it all year round and put it in your soups and casseroles. Great stuff. We also have had onions, dill, mint, and a whole lot more. Sometimes we grow squash, peppers, and cucumbers. Our parsley is great on sandwiches. It wintered over very well here in Windermere, Florida.
What A Great Day – With Glenn Beck At The Helm We Shall Not Fail!


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