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>By Don White
I wrote all week about how smart Obama was in refusing to set up the no-fly zone over Libya. Boy was I wrong about this president. Breaking news is that the U.N. Security Council has approved a no-fly zone. I bussined myself sending my congrats about Obama’s wisdom in shunning this fight in which we have no dog in the fight to big-time newspapers, the  NY Times, Wall Street Journal, San Jose Herald, Chicago Tribune, Boston Herald, Hartford Courier and more. They all snubbed their nose at me and my message, “Obama Is Right” about not setting up a Libyan no-fly zone.

We watched Obama set up his Final Four Basketball selections, return from two successive weekends of vacations, at the expense of the United States. All of this apparent lack of interest in trying to do something about the slaughter of the Libyan freedom fighters. Now he announced tonight at 5 p.m. that with United Nations blessings the U.S. would set up a no-fly zone over Libya.

Apparently, he feels more strongly about killing Libyans loyal to Colonel Kaddafi – and  hopefully stopping the deaths of the freedom fighters that he egged on for the past month in the streets of Tripoli–than exposing our military men to harms way and spending millions or maybe billions of dollars activating our assets in that area..

In so doing, he has committed all of the power of the greatest air force and navy in the world. This will require some ground forces and some Americans will be killed. But Obama looks at this as a way he can prove that he, indeed, is a great commander in chief. But let no one mistake this. The risks are not a few. What happens if Iran decides it likes Kaddahi better than it likes the U.S. in Libya? Well, Obama would be able then to bomb Iran and start World War Three. And who knows how long the League of Arab nations will stand by their desire to oust Kaddahi. Would they like to exchange his tyranny for U.S. occupation of that country?

If we fail to occupy that country, anything could happen. Iran could come in and fill the void. Bush made a mistake in taking out Sadam Hussein because he was the buffer zone against an ever expanding Iranian voice in that area. Now if Iran, somehow, gets into the fray and we withdraw, it could bode poorly for Obama. If he chooses to occupy this country or set up a weak Libyan leadership, all hell could break loose. We’ll try to keep you posted.

Ladies and Gentlemen:
I have written a 689-word Op-Ed, “Obama Is Right On Libya.” The no-fly-zone debate is fueled by advocates left and right like humanitarian-atheist Christopher Hitchens.
He wants Obama to unilaterally create a no-fly zone over Kadhafi’s North African dictatorship to prevent the dictator from slaughtering the freedom fighters that 0bama encouraged. Kadhafi seems to be winning the war, but is Obama right in appearing so aloof from a conflict that he may view as more of a quagmire than Viet Nam? If he’s right, he could chalk up world leadership points. If wrong, he opens himself up to questions about his leadership skills – questions Americans are already asking. My article says Obama is right.
This is a highly charged debate and Obama knows it. It deserves the benefit of as much interpretive analysis as possible. The last no-fly zone went on for ten years in Kosovo and cost us $4 billion. I served in U.S. military intelligence, but don’t pretend to have all the answers, but neither do any of the generals, pundits, or presidents and that’s because it looks like a political decision, but it’s more than that.
The article studies the ethos of Barak Obama and how it plays a big part in his decision, and the predicament in which he finds himself. A misstep here could cost him an election just 18 months away. Understandably, he is taking a cautious no-blame approach, unless others organize it. My view is America should stay home even if the U.N. organizes it. Get someone else to police the world. We’ve run out of money, or hasn’t anyone noticed?
   For Obama, it wouldn’t look good if this civil war lasted through the election. He’s already paying a price for this cautious strategy in negative PR. There other things Obama must consider as well.
I am a published writer, having been a newsman for the AP, edited three magazines, authored three novels, lived in Europe for 30 months, and authored a non-fiction book, Selling Fast, an Amazon e-book. I hold degrees in journalism, law, and insurance. I am the former president/CEO of Western National Mutual Insurance Group in Minneapolis.
My article is pasted at the bottom of this cover letter. .
Donald M. White, JD, CPCU

Donald M. White

5136 Tildens Grove Blvd.
Windermere, FL 3478
Obama Is Right On Libya?


                                             Don White

                                             689 words
Obama is right.
   A article leads with “Hitchens Rips Obama On Libya.” He called for the United States to enter the Libyan war. Now is the time to act, not after Gadhafi wins and shoots his political enemies, he suggested.
   Hitchens said it was immoral for the most powerful country in the world to do nothing about the slaughter of revolutionists. I disagree.
   With NATO backing, the U.S. bombed Kosovo; but that looked like a $4 billion snafu until Slobodan Milosevic and his oligarchy were finally toppled by popular ballot box dissent. Conservatives and liberals alike ask, “Why not Libya?”
   Obama is right. America lacks a dog in this fight. Our oil doesn’t come from Libya. Besides, Obama has repudiated Bush’s nation building ethos—installing American democracy everywhere we go.  Two-thirds of Americans say “Abandon Afghanistan.” Only military-industrialists who stand to gain want ten more years. Even then, victory can never be clearcut.
   Hot said, “The Obama administration also behaves as if the weight of the United States in world affairs is approximately the same as that of Switzerland. We await developments. We urge caution, even restraint. We hope for the formation of an international consensus. And, just as there is something despicable about the way in which Swiss bankers change horses, so there is something contemptible about the way in which Washington has been affecting and perhaps helping to bring about American impotence. Except that, whereas at least the Swiss have the excuse of cynicism, American policy manages to be both cynical and naive…”
   Hitchens said Christians have killed more than any other people. He uses that dubious claim to support his antipathy against God and Jesus Christ. Atheists buy his God Is Not Great books and attend his lectures and debates in droves. When he speaks, they listen; but America is a Christian nation and its president is a self-proclaimed Christian. That doesn’t prove Obama believes in Jesus more than in Mohammad. Nor does identification with the predominant American religion mean that he lives Christ-centered principles. Christianity doesn’t inform his ethics, politics does.
   If America continues to sit out Libya, it doesn’t mean Christians are not as moral as atheists, or that Obama hates war and the slaughter of human beings any less than Hitchens. What happened after ten years of fighting in Yugoslavia may not be possible in a Muslim state unfamiliar with democracy.
   There were neighbor role models, sanctions and international help for Kosovo. The history of Libya discourages any such intervention. Chances for failure are so great. Certainly the dark influence of Iran, which doesn’t consider itself an Arab country,
is only an intermediate
range missile away. All this bode poorly for Middle Eastern cooperation with NATO and traditional Allied countries. Any American action must be taken with extreme caution. Libya and Iran are sitting time bombs waiting to go off.
   But if ever there were a chance for America to clasp hands with Iran again in an effort to bring peace and stability to the region, it is now. But Muslims drive hard bargains. The history of Serbia, for example, is one of Muslims conquering and humiliating Jews and Christians by “giving” non-Muslims their lives—a form of “ethnic cleansing”—-for heavy taxes.  Jews had to forfeit ownership of their lands and were forced to defer to Muslims on the street and in business dealings.
   On Monday a unified Arab League called upon the U.N. to set up a no-fly zone. That should be encouraging for a president who has been telling the world that Libya isn’t Kosovo—that America is already overly preoccupied in Afghanistan.
   He would be unwise to wage another costly war. Failure is the last thing Obama and America need right now.

   My blog, urges Americans to “Bring Our Boys Home”, not to send out more national treasure to another senseless war of killing, maiming, and condemning our boys to TSS and useless street lives. Let’s solve our own problems. One in four American veterans are homeless and unemployed. Tens of thousands of vets live in poverty and 120 commit suicide every week. (2005 CBS News Poll)

Thanks for coming. Please leave a comment. Your opinion is as valuable as mine or anyone’s. Let’s create an active dialog. Let’s stand up for what we want, what we think and believe America should be like. Fight for your rights – and I don’t mean take to the street with guns. Do your fighting with the pen and conversation – friendly persuasion. Remember, we’re Americans living in the greatest nation on earth. Act like it. Don White


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