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I think readers have it right. I am publishing two comments that are out there concerning the inane decision Hilary Clinton, U.N. representative Rice and Samantha Powers, national security advisor, made this week.

They suddenly decided that Obama should commit resources and put at risk men’s lives to oust a dictator, Colonel Qaddafi, from a country we have little to do with. We don’t buy their oil and, frankly, we should care less whether the Arab League or others in the country want America to invest billions of dollars in a new war. The United Nation’s Security Council 6-2 decision makes no sense and just shows how incompetent that body is. Why should a world body be powerful enough to dictate what happens in far-off Libya. You know there are others with axes to grind in this – the al-Qaeda and Muslim Brotherhood to list just two.
Jessie Kitty of Evanston, Illinois had this to say:
Yes, Qaddafi is an awful, terrible man, a brutal dictator, a megalomaniac, and so on. Yes, the U.S. has a history of coming to the aid of countries in trouble. But also yes, the U.S. has no business getting involved in another conflict…which becomes war. The current wars have been fought for many more years than the government, the president, and the voting public should have allowed.

What happened to those promises of reducing and ending those wars, Mr. Obama? What about it, Congress? Where is your real ire and protest, Americans?

It seems that the lucrative business of war continues to win–lucrative, that is, for the industries which sell their murderous goods to wage war. That’s the only profit in these calamitous pursuits. The losses are more tragic, much deeper, more egregious: loss of life (soldiers on all sides, civilians in the regions of fighting), devastating injury (soldiers and civilians–let’s just call them people), mind-boggling waste of resources at the expense of the social programs, educational institutions, environmental protection projects, care for the young, the old, the poor, and the forgotten, health care for all, and thousands of other worthy programs and projects now being cut by a war-hungry Congress and an irresponsible national leadership (including you, Mr. Obama). Those billions upon billions of dollars being spent at the expense of just about everything else in this country are being pumped into unjustifiable military fighting, and directed away from the residents and environment of the U.S. –as well as from the many promised dollars to alleviating the suffering of the afflicted in Haiti, Japan, many other places around the world, and, indeed, in this country. (Where’s the money for the victims of Hurricane Katrina? being spent by the Pentagon.)

So now “we’re” marshaling human, industrial, and other resources again, ready to insert ourselves in another bloody conflict–a habit of our government, continuing a long series of fighting in other countries, and never resulting in a peaceful and sustainable “normal” Western-style society. Here we go again.

March 19th, 2011
12:02 am
March 19th, 2011
12:02 am
March 19th, 2011
12:02 am
Here’s what Parik of Chevy Chase, MD had to say:

Critics of President Obama are upset that he didn’t 
commit Americans sooner to conduct warfare against 
Libya before getting other countries to ante up. I am 
not. Let other nations take a stake in the matters of 
seeing their sons and daughters risk death for a universal cause.
For these critics to call Obama dithering, or
indecisive by being careful not risking 
American lives, is reprehensible on its 
face and morally inconsiderate of the 
families of servicemen who risk their lives.
Americans should no more become 
singularly involved, or take the lead 
in military actions, which are not 
concerning our exclusive interest. 
Let the David Gergens, Newt Gingrichs, 
Limbaughs, Palins, and other too hot 
to trot arm chair pundit warriors, do 
their “chest-thumping” by donning combat 
gear and parachuting on to the field of battle.  

Thanks for coming. Please leave a comment. Your opinion is as valuable as mine or anyone’s. Let’s create an active dialog. Let’s stand up for what we want, what we think and believe America should be like. Fight for your rights – and I don’t mean take to the street with guns. Do your fighting with the pen and conversation – friendly persuasion. Remember, we’re Americans living in the greatest nation on earth. Act like it. Don White


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