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American Journalism Review welcomes submissions from outside writers. Please read the magazine to get an idea of what we cover — namely ethical issues and dilemmas, coverage that falls short, occasional profiles, trends in the industry, etc.

We prefer queries to completed articles. Include in a page what you’d like to write about, who you’ll interview, why it’s important and why you should write it. Note: We are very particular about any appearance of conflicts of interest.

We try to respond within four weeks to queries and unsolicited manuscripts, but feel free to e-mail after three weeks if you want a quicker answer. Please do not submit articles or queries you’re sending elsewhere at the same time.

Here’s a rundown of our sections:

  • Drop Cap:
    The front-of-the-book section where most freelancers and writers break into the magazine. The pieces are anywhere from 500 to 1,000 words and usually, although not exclusively, are tied to a current event. Most boxes, regular sections and such are staff-written. Very seldom do we run first-person articles, but we’re always looking for ethical dilemmas, humor, offbeat approaches to the craft, etc. E-mail or send us a faxNo phone calls, please.
  • Features:
    Features run from 2,000 to 5,000 words. Query by maile-mail or fax, and tell us why you’re the person we should assign to do the piece. It’s OK to have a viewpoint here, but make sure your query reflects that you don’t have an ax to grind. No phone calls, please.
  • Book Reviews:
    We have a regular reviewer but do occasionally run outside reviews. If you’ve written a book, you’re welcome to send a copy to the Book Editor for review consideration.
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