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>By Don White

The anomaly of the new $39.6 Billion spending cut struck by House Speaker John Boehner, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, and President Barak Obama is two-fold.

First, it was Reid, the millionaire senator who barely eked out a victory at the last day in his fight with Sharon Angle to retain his Senate seat last November.Most polls showed him losing into the last week of the campaign but didn’t. Why? Because at the last hour Obama funneled into his campaign $200 million in dirty laundered money from the unions.

The pro-union Clark County Democrats, apparatchics all, quickly scoured the casinos and the streets for anyone who needed a quick fifty or a hundred bucks for the slots. Democrats bosses loaded their pockets up with gambling money and got them to go right out and vote for Reid and, of course, he was able to eke out a victory and keep his seat of prominence in the Senate for six more years. It was still a very close race, but the union dollars and the resulting voter election law violation scams turned the trick.

I still believe that Reid’s entire operation should be investigated. But don’t count on it. The American Election Committee is replete with progressives who love to stack the deck and collect “now-you-owe-me” union money. throw him in jail if he is guilty of election fraud. But no one, not even the House Ethics Committee, is brave enough to go back and make an issue of it. If I were Sharon Angle I sure as heck would raise more than a minor ruckus.

The second thing–and most important–is the abortion issue. Strangely or not, the diminutive Democrat abortion Senator cried “bloody murder” at the Republicans who wanted no more public money buying abortions and paying for abortion clinics, and that is what Reid gave as a reason they, the Democrats, almost shut down the federal government. Actually, he argued the Republicans almost shut down government.

The Politifi blog was all over Harry Reid and abortion on Friday: Sen. Harry Reid said Thursday morning that disputes over Abortion and environmental issues are holding up a final deal.” Ironic, isn’t it?

It’s strange. Reid belongs to a church that eschews drinking alcoholic beverages. He apparently lives that commandment, but he is a cafiteria Mormon when it comes to abortion. He is very selective as to which commandments he keeps. He knows that the act of abortion is the killing of an unborn baby–or a partially-born baby. Abortion is nothing short of premeditated first-degree murder to commandment keeping, good Mormons. Yet, knowing full well that abortion money was at stake, Reid sounded the alarm against anti-abortion Republicans, using this social issue as the reason no deal was struck late on Friday night after Obama returned from New York on a party racial-mending trip to shore up votes from rascal racist Al Sharpton.

Why doesn’t Harry Reid give a hundred bucks to every terrorist who kills another human being? Oh, no, he couldn’t do that. But what he is doing in leading the charge against unborn babies is just as bad. “Harry, why don’t you get it?”

The abortion issue was partly the reason a Democrat-Republican deal wasn’t made earlier on this spending bill fiasco.. But it;s counterintuitive to see Reid, of all people, stampeding his pro-choice abortion troops so they could get the rhetoric straight and consistent among themselves. “Those dirty Tea Party Conservatives want to take away our abortion clinics and defund abortion in America, leveling a direct attack upon women.” Oh, how interesting. He wrested and twisted the principle and the argument to favor those who kill babies. I do imagine that if the Christian Brotherhood ever took over America, this flip-flopper politician could find his way into office again by being for male supremacy and the world jihad against Israel. But, I suppose, by then there wouldn’t be an Israel.

“Those dirty Tea Party conservatives…” was on his mind when he argued against the defunding of abortion clinics and making it a women’s protection issue. Protecting women is a bi-partisan issue. But he forgot the real civil rights issue–that of killing babies who aren’t even here yet and not able to defend themselves. Don’t look for help from Democrats, little ones. You have no one to represent you in your grand quest for life except the Republican conservatives.

If a segment of America opposes abortion, I maintain it is unethical and should be illegal to require those Americans to pay taxes that will be used for legalized murder. This is not a call for everyone to stop paying taxes, even if your cause is right. Look where that argument got actor Wesley Snipes.

I also  find it strange to see one of my fellow church members touting and supporting abortion clinics this way when he was indoctrinated from primary age through Sunday School that Jesus Christ taught that the lives of all human beings, born or unborn, are sacred. What happened to you, Harry?

“What? Know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God? And ye are not your own? For ye are bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body and in your spirit, which are God’s.” [First Corinthians 6:19, 20, Holy Bible, King James Version]

Harry didn’t get the message in Primary (A Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints training school for kids two or three years old to twelve. Shame on you, Harry. And shame on all you Latter-day Saint Democrats for your double standard and lack of sensitivity to life and its importance in God’s Plan of Happiness. Life is sacred. To take another’s life is the most heinous sin a person can commit, short of denying the Holy Ghost.


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