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ROMNEY OP-ED in the New Hampshire Union Leader, “Obama is not serious about America’s financial health”: “S&P’s action is a significant marker of our country’s deteriorating economic position. … The main job of any executive – whether a CEO, a governor or a President – should be to avert these dangers, or work to repair them. When I took office in Massachusetts, we faced job losses and a fiscal crisis that had the potential to shake the faith of the credit raters in our bonds. We went to work to convince S&P and the other rating agencies that we were committed to reducing spending to balance our budget. I met personally with these officials in my of­fice in Boston, and I traveled to New York City to meet them in their offices. S&P responded in 2005 with a credit rating upgrade that acknowledged the state’s sound fiscal management and the improving strength of its revitalized economy.” (Not online) 

SPEAKER BOEHNER’S MESSAGE for his three events at small businesses in his district north of Cincinnati, which kicks off a new House GOP focus on jobs: While the Obama administration continues to promote policies that destroy jobs, Republicans have been focused on creating a better environment for private sector job growth. We’ve laid out the pillars of a jobs agenda: reining in federal spending, stopping President Obama’s proposed tax hikes, removing excessive regulations that hurt job growth, passing three job-creating trade agreements, and expanding American energy production to help lower gas prices and create more jobs. We’ve made progress on this agenda, but we’ve got a lot more work to do. 

HOUSE GOP “FRESHMEN FEEL THE HEAT BACK HOME” – Marin Cogan, in Lansford, Pa.: “[A]t an American Veterans outpost tucked deep in the Pocono Mountains this week, freshman Republican Rep. Lou Barletta took heat from every direction – from Democrats angry with the tax cuts in the GOP budget, to conservatives who thought he caved on the last continuing resolution vote … And hardly anyone in his senior-heavy [swing] district wants to see Congress touch their Medicare benefits. Barletta’s district is one of a handful that Democrats have zeroed in on this spring break: One of 13 that voted for John Kerry in 2004 and Barack Obama in 2008 but elected a Republican to Congress in 2010. … ‘Some seniors still do not realize that this will not affect them,’ Barletta said later. ‘If members do not go back and make sure seniors are informed, then the scare tactics work.’ … emailed supporters this week encouraging them to attend Barletta … town halls.” 
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