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Car Companies Making a Mint in China
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Uncommon Wisdom
Saturday, April 23, 2011
Three Car Companies Making
a Mint in China 

by Tony Sagami
Tony Sagami
Dear Don,
The most important auto show is not in Detroit but in Shanghai.
More than 700,000 consumers packed massive showrooms to
see 1,100 cars from 20 countries at the 14th Shanghai 
International Automobile Industry Exhibition. Since 2009,
China has been the largest auto market in the world.
China’s fastest-growing segment is its luxury auto market,
which is growing by an average of 60% a year. Hey,
anytime a market is growing that fast, there are plenty
of promising stock opportunities.
Click here to learn the names of the three auto stocks plus
one Chinese auto parts maker that are best positioned to
profit from the red-hot luxury auto market. What’s even
better is all four of them are traded here in the United States.
Best wishes,
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